Managing Innovation 2013


For the second time the Nencki Institite is organising an international conference on innovation management (

The second international conference will take place January 17-18, 2013 addressing the general topic on When and how to create & finance Life Science start ups.

High investments in Research Infrastructure as well as research programs and skilled personnel serve one purpose – to build an innovation based economy in Poland. University type start-up companies are an important element in the innovation eco-systems that are still in their infancy in Poland.
This conference will address the opportunities and barriers in the creation of new University based, hi-tech companies with a focus on life science innovations. On the one hand Poland benefits from a substantial influx of European Funds, which in part helped to establish multiple seed and early stage VC funds. On the other hand, the tax and legal environment is still sub-optimal and only a minority of projects emerging from Polish universities and research institutes offer high commercial value. Despite the general lack of entrepreneurial culture and incentives for researchers – several high-tech Polish Life Science start-ups are emerging and becoming internationally competitive. The conference will feature case studies and success stories relayed both by Polish and international entrepreneurs and scientists. Best practice examples from abroad and practical solutions for the Polish legal and financial environment will be presented along with possible solutions to eliminate the main bottlenecks and limitations in the Polish system. Along with the successful researcher / entrepreneur perspective the conference will provide a Venture Capital/Investor view on success factors in securing investment and building company value.

The invited speakers and panelists feature CEOs, CTOs and founders of successful high-tech companies, scientists, invetnors, and entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and life science consultants, university and funding agency leaders, such as the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the National Center for Research and Development (NCBR) and the Mazovia Region (MJWPU).



Conference is limited to 150 participants.

The Conference is financed from BIO-IMAGing in research INnovation and Education Project at the Nencki, supported by the EU FP7 Capacities Programme (Research potential).