MITOCHRONDRION 2014-Mitoimaging at the Nencki Institute


Workshop “MITOCHONDRION2014 – MitoImaging”, May 12th 2014, took place at the Nencki Institute. This meeting was devoted to the techniques used for of imaging mitochondria. Co-organizers of the meeting were: Polish Mitochondrial Network and Bioenergetics Section of Polish Biochemical Society.

The workshop was attended by 106 researchers. The lecturers were given by: Chris Bacal (Institute of Cancer Research, London); Misgeld Thomas (Institute of Neuronal Cell Biology, Munchen); Suliana Manley (Institute of Physics of Biological Systems, Lausanne) and Joanna Szczepanowska (Nencki Institute, Warsaw), Renata Skibior (Faculty of Biotechnology, University of Wrocław), Jędrzej Szymański (Nencki Institute, Warsaw), Martyna Urbanek (Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Poznań), Bartłomiej Augustynek (Nencki Institute, Warsaw). Lectures were focused on application of super resolution microscopy techniques for visualization of biological structures including mitochondria and sophisticated analysis of cell and organelle morphology using computer software.