Popularization of science


  • To create a platform for successful communication between science and society;
  • To attract new international partners, especially from the convergence regions;
  • To increase the availability of the Nencki research potential by:
    • several popularization events;
    • expanding the content of a special BIO-IMAGINE webpage with information on various Institute’s activities of interest to other research institutions;
  • To issue annual reports of high quality and high information content to disseminate information on Institute’s research results, achievements and equipment.

To popularize biological sciences the Institute will organise ‘open days’ for the public to enable visiting the laboratories. This will help understand the importance of research carried out at the Institute and its role in the progress in life sciences. A special emphasis will be placed on such ‘Hands on’ events organized through the Project duration. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions and give their comments and participate in the experiments and to have a look into the equipment.

The following events will be organized:

  • Brain Week every year in March
  • Workshops for youngsters from Polish Children’s Fund every year in March
  • Science Picnic of Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre every year in June
  • Warsaw Science Festival every year in September
  • Workshops for biology teachers every year in December
  • Workshops for pupils from High Schools twice a year
  • Open days for the public once a Lear

The aim of such ‘Hands on’ events will be to:

  • present the researchers’ job,
  • familiarize participants with some of the terms used in experimental cell and molecular biology,
  • show that science can be fun and passion,
  • discuss a career of researcher in modern society,
  • convince young participants that science is something they can do.

The final goal of these ‘Hands on’ organized events is to attract more young people into scientific careers and enhance the social visibility of a researcher’s profession taking into account that scientists and ‘general public’ is a mutually nourishing system indispensable for future development in Europe.