VIII Meeting of Confocal Microscopes Users at the Nencki Institute


On 3-5 June 2014 the „VIII Meeting of Confocal Microscopes Users” took place at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology. The Meeting was organized by Carl Zeiss company and the Laboratory of Imaging Tissues Structure and Function of Neurobiology Centre within the frame of the Bioimagine project. The aim of the event was to present applications of microscopes available in the Laboratory: confocal microscope LSM 780, multiphoton microscope LSM 7 MP, spinning-disc microscope Cell Observer SD and electron microscope SIGMA 3View, as well as of the display microscopes delivered by Zeiss: SPIM-type (Single Plane Illumination) microscope Lightsheet Z.1, monoscopic microscope Axio Zoom V16 and confocal microscope LSM 700. The workshop was attended by 64 scientist from 17 universities and science institutes.