XV Science Festival at the Nencki Institute


The 15th Science Festival took place in Warsaw on September 16-25, 2011.

For this year’s edition of the Festival Nencki employees, have prepared exceptionally diverse and attractive program.
A series of lectures was run under the YOUTH CLUB to enrich biological knowledge of high school students who are planning to seek expanded high school certificate in biology:

Principles of transcription regulation in Eukaryotic genomes? – B. Kamińska-Kaczmarek
Structure and function of proteins – from genome to proteome and beyond – S. Pikuła
Contribution of Nobel prize winners to the advances in bio-medical research – E. Wyroba
Mechanism of regulation of cellular metabolism – R. Jarzyna (guest UW)

Under the THEMATIC CLUBS, lecturers present a series of talks with a common title “TAKE CARE OF HEALTH”
Why diabetes is a 21st century disease? – A. Dobrzyń
Scientific tips for the healthy brain – R. K. Filipkowski
Can we live healthier and longer? – G. Mosieniak
In healthy skin – healthy person – T. Wilanowski

As before Nencki PhD students have organized WEEKEND MEETINGS under a title “What is there in our head?”. It covered short lectures, workshops and Bio Preschool.

More information: http://www.festiwalnauki.edu.pl